If you have owned your property for a long time it is possible it is still UNREGISTERED. If so, you can protect against the deeds being lost (a very sorry state of affairs) by having a voluntary registration of them at a reduced Land Registry fee, for a modest fee to us for doing it (we can estimate for you).

The Land Registry (a Government Department) would love to have all property in England and Wales registered, as it would make their life easier, and yours when you come to sell.

The registration of land gives you a state guaranteed title, so there are no deeds to lose. However, your ownership will then be subject to anyone being able to search as to the owner. Registration is not for those that want to be secretive as to what they own. But, all land in England and Wales is subject to compulsory registration when there is next a dealing in the land. So it will happen to your land eventually, and any land you buy will be registered then or on acquisition

There is now no ‘Deeds’ representing registered land. The Land Registry no longer issue ‘Land Certificates’ and ‘Charge Certificates’, and if you have one it is now of no effect or use. All those years spent paying off your mortgage so you hold your deeds to your breast, are to no avail!

Your title is represented solely by what is on the register at the Land Registry. You can inspect it any time on the Web and print out a copy (and so can everyone else!).